About Us

Welcome! I'm Jason Huff, founder, writer, and editor of The Anime Review. It's been a labor of love for over 15 years. The Anime Review now stands as the longest-updated single-reviewer anime review site in existence.

The Anime Review initially started as an idea that I had when I was loaning out anime tapes by the dozens in college. Many friends would ask me what a show was like and wanted to have an idea of what they were getting into before they chose something from the shelf. I created a short guide to help people out, which came in handy when I was out of the dorm. I published this list on the Internet on May 21, 1997, and it existed in this primal form for about two years.

During this time, I got many requests to update the list, and my friend and original webmaster Jason Rickard encouraged me to relaunch the site with a design he had created. In April 1999, the relaunch took off with weekly updates. Near the beginning of 2001, I decided that having our own domain name would raise our profile, and so www.theanimereview.com was born.

We've grown an immense amount since our earliest days...back in 1997, we were lucky to get 40 hits a month. During the golden era of anime in US circa 2007, we got over 7000 a week. Now, six years later, the numbers are down as the anime landscape in America has changed. Still, my goal has always been to provide excellent reviews of shows worth your attention, whether they were made in 1963 or 2013. With over 650 choices and still growing, you'll find something to enjoy.

For more information about the site, me, and my real-world life, please see the FAQ.


Many thanks go out to the following people:

Jason Rickard - my original webmaster who updated the site from 1999-2006 and created the design I used for fourteen years.

Bryan York - creator of the original "Minmei Art Girl," our mascot.

The folks at THEM Anime - our sister site, as well as the place where I can talk about anime and keep my sanity.

2013 Redesign Beta Testers - Hzoi, Zergplex, SarcotarascusN, Tommy, Webber22, Kmarple1, and Northlander from THEM Anime. Thanks, friends!

How Can I Help?

As always, The Anime Review continues to be a one-man operation. That's intentional in order to keep the quality and unique voice of the site. I'd refer all who are interested in writing reviews to THEM Anime, where reader reviews are welcomed and there's always a call out for new staff willing to work hard and learn to write well.

The best thing you can do for The Anime Review is to support us financially. Purchases made through clicking the links to Right Stuf and Amazon.com help underwrite the site. I also encourage you to donate, if you are so inclined, through Paypal at the link above. The Anime Review has never made a profit, and I've sunk thousands of dollars into its upkeep. While I can't offer you a tax credit, anyone who donates over $20 will be listed in the credits on this page.

Thanks so much for your interest in The Anime Review. Enjoy the site!