The Anime Review FAQ

1. Questions About The Anime Review

Why don't you update more often? And why don't you review more new shows?

Why don't you review an entire series at once? There's only a few series you've watched completely.

What qualifies you to review anime?

What do you think of other anime review sites on the web?

Don't you feel that reviewing any anime poorly hurts the growth of anime as a whole?

But what about negative reviews of niche genres, like shoujo, bishonen, yaoi, etc? Are you sure you understand those genres enough to criticize them?

Name your ten desert island anime.

What anime are you looking forward to seeing or completing, but haven't gotten to yet?

2. Questions About Anime (and yes, these are real...)

What is anime?

What are manga?

I keep hearing these weird terms about particular kinds of Japanese stories. What are shonen and shoujo? And how are bishonen and yaoi related?

Who is Hayao Miyazaki?

Who is Katsuhiro Otomo?

Who is Mamoru Oshii?

Why do 99% of all anime characters look Caucasian? And what's up with the big eyes?

What's up with all the nudity in anime?

Where should I look for more information about anime?