You're Under Arrest

One of the hardest things to write is a review for a show that's so short that nothing of any importance happens. Now that I've said that, let me say that the first episode of You're Under Arrest is actually pretty entertaining. The episode splits into three parts, virtually...the first section of the episode is a high-speed chase between Natsumi, a new cop late for her first day at work, and Miyuki, who is right on her heels. The middle section deals with their reaction when they find out that they're going to be partners! Finally, they get into yet another high-speed chase trying to track down a "mad bomber" known as The Fox. There's virtually no time for character development, but I suppose there isn't supposed to's just madcap, fast fun. At only 25 minutes, it barely starts before it finishes. Having established who the main players are, we can only hope that future episodes will expand on them and make them more than the caricatures they are now.

You're Under Arrest: Episode 1 -- nothing objectionable, save for mild violence -- B