The Irresponsible Captain Tylor Vol. 1

Finally! Even the most cynical reviewer gets tired of giving out low ratings and my recent findings were only good at best--and often, much worse. I am most happy to report that the streak is over. If the whole series is like the first two episodes of The Irresponsible Captain Tylor, I have a new boxed set to buy.

The first episode introduces the title character, Justy Ueki Tyler, who decides to join the United Planets Space Force. He does so because he believes that military service will be an incredibly easy life--free food, free uniforms, lots of women, and prestige to boot--and he's determined to maintain his lifestyle of being a complete sloth. The plot for the series is set in short order--the UPSF is at war with the Raalgon Empire and both sides are trying to line up their forces to see if they have what it takes to defeat the other. We know that this conflict will eventually absorb the series, but getting there is all the fun. In the first episode, Tyler blows out the central UPSF computer system while attempting to seduce the AI system that's trying to get his psychological profile! In the second episode, Tyler is assigned to the pension division and there's an old general whose address has changed. Tyler goes to deliver his check to him in person only to find that he's been kidnapped by terrorists. Tyler does everything wrong and nearly gets everyone killed, but in a twist of fate ends up becoming a hero.

This show is so funny that I can't even describe it fully. If you enjoy comedy and don't mind a vaguely science fiction setup, this is a must have. I doubt you'll want to rent it as you'll be wasting a few bucks that you could use to buy your own copy.

The Irresponsible Captain Tyler eps. #1, 2 -- mild violence, mild language -- A+