Twilight of the Dark Master

What do you do with a movie you like and an ending you hate? I've got to warn you -- I thought this movie was great up until the end, which fell apart.

A short prologue unreels, advising the audience that Guardians and Demons have been sent by the Great Mother to protect and challenge humanity. The movie starts with a young man, Eiji, proposing to his love, Shizuka, who accepts joyously. Not moments later, she's attacked by a monster that looks like something found in Maurice Sendak books, and her fiance disappears. Shizuka goes down in the heart of the city to try and find out what's happened. There she meets Tenku, who runs a museum of sorts. This museum is really a front for Tsunami, the last remaining Guardian, who happens to live in the city. Tsunami is searching for the last remaining Demon, Takamiya, who is attempting to return to his original powerful form that was taken from him thirty years prior. It turns out that the young groom-to-be was given experimental drugs by his employer...a pharmaceutical company owned by Takamiya himself. It eventually comes to a clash of wills between Tsunami and Takamiya and his henchman, a brother-sister pair that simply exude the creeps.

I can't go into more detail than that without spoiling much. Nonetheless, be warned that the ending is so severely bad that it may bring you to question why you watched an otherwise enjoyable hour of anime.

Twilight of the Dark Master -- adult language, graphic violence, brief nudity -- B-