The Girl from Phantasia

I've written several times in the past about my dislike of one-shot OVAs. They tend to be rather poor, being just enough to annoy and not enough to satisfy. Thankfully, though The Girl From Phantasia is short (running just 28 minutes, including the end credits), it has enough laughs and goodheartedness to suffice.

The plot is so familiar to anime, it should be laid to rest. Boy (Akihiro) wants girl (Miyuki). Boy invites girl over. While preparing for girl to come over, different girl from another universe (Malon) pops in and immediately falls for boy. Akihiro panics, Malon doesn't understand, and Miyuki gets the wrong idea and leaves boy. In settling everything between boy and two girls, things blow up because of Roll, an evil boy trying to destroy Phantasia. Stop me if you've heard this before.

If you've seen Urusei Yatsura, Video Girl Ai, or a hundred other titles, you've seen this. However, it is extremely cute in its own way, and the art and design are pretty good. There is plenty of lechery and bad language--though young kids might think the characters cute and funny, the sitations are for teens and up. The cheesecake is mild--there's no nudity--but there's plenty of it. It's a bit hard to recommend as a purchase just because it is so short. However, it is funny, and recommended if you like just-so-slightly racy anime comedy.

The Girl from Phantasia -- mild violence, language, lechery/mild adult situations -- B