Giant Robo

Yet another show about a kid who saves the universe with his robot...just what we all need, right? Well...maybe...actually...yes! I avoided this show like the plague for some time due to its subject matter, and only by accident (a mislabeled tape) did I even watch the first episode. Expecting a samurai epic, I found myself immersed in the fight between BlackFire, the evil group planning the demise of earth (or so it seems) and the "Experts of Justice" led by Kusama (the aforementioned boy with robot). The first episode details how a professor, saved by the Experts, was somehow involved with the creation of a power drive that fuels virtually every mechanical device imaginable, and a mad colleague has huge plans of mass destruction based on the same technology. We're left hanging at the end with an old-school cliffhanger that really does make me want to see the continuing episodes. It's an entertaining show whose animation style is reminiscent of the old Dirty Pair television episodes; the plot, meanwhile, is fast paced with conspiracies and mad scientists while still allowing for character development. Its blend of humor, action, and charm was surprisingly fresh, especially considering that I was expecting a Gundam-size cheesefest. My copy is subtitled, so I cannot comment on the dubbed version available in stores.

Giant Robo -- mild violence -- A-